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Cherelle’s Journey with Invisalign in Manhattan

Posted on January 22, 2020

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Happy New Year Everyone!! Welcome to the year 2020! This is my first blog  post of 2020 which is very exciting. Not only is it a new year, it’s a new decade and my son’s birthday!! Big shout out to my son! Happy Birthday my love! In 2019 I created my vision board and the one thing I wanted to accomplish was getting my teeth fixed and correct my speech.

I lived my entire life with an open bite and I spoke with a tongue thrust. In short, where I’m from we say I spoke with a lisp/talked with my tongue and my teeth did not “come together.” Yes, I am from the south and that’s what we called it my entire life. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I learned the correct term was open bite and I spoke with a tongue thrust. Ha!

Good ole southern talk!

As I got older and the more I saw myself on camera speaking in my YouTube videos, I became extremely uncomfortable with my mouth.

I began to feel insecure about my speech on camera.

I hated the way I spoke, chew, and smiled. I remember when I was younger, I was about 10 years old. My dentist told my mom, “Her smile is not natural, it’s forced.” It was at that moment I realized I was different.

Cute but very forced awkward smile. 10 years old

Searching for an Orthodontist

As a woman in my 30’s, I knew it was time to fix my insecurities with speaking. I no longer wanted to think before I spoke so I can make sure I pronounce words correctly. I saw about 4 orthodontists in my area and they all told me things I did not want to hear. I was told numerous times I need surgery to break my jaw and put it back together to correct my open bite. This information was terrifying and I knew I did not want to go through that kind of trauma.

I felt like Miranda on an episode of Sex and the City when she discovered she had a tongue trust and needed to get braces as a 34 year old woman. That episode is so me and I did not want big metal braces in my 30’s. I knew I had to be patient with the process but I had a few deal breakers.

  • I did not want to have big bulky metal braces.
  • I did not want surgery.
  • I wanted everything to be clear even if I needed wire braces.
  • I did not want any teeth pulled.

Park Avenue Orthodontics: Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen

After 2 years of bad news and being told procedures I was not comfortable with having performed, I came across  Park Avenue Orthodontics: Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen

Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen is listed online as an orthodontist who specializes in open bite correction. I watched her videos on YouTube and read every single review and finally called her office 6 months later. Yes! I was so intimidated to call because I assumed it would be extremely expensive. Smh at myself!

When I called the office, I asked many questions and everything was answered appropriately. I made an appointment for a consultation on February 26, 2019 and I was super excited to take the first step.

Consultation for Invisalign Appointment

Consultation Appointment

I was so excited, yet extremely nervous during my consultation. Pictures were taken of my face, smile, mouth and side profile.

During my consultation I was assured that I do NOT need surgery and I was so happy to hear that! I was also told I do not need any teeth pulled. I was so relieved! On top of everything, I was told I am a good candidate for Invisalign so that means everything would be clear like I wanted! I did not want big bulky braces but I was willing to get them if needed. When she told me I could have my teeth corrected with Invisalign I was so happy!! I quickly signed up for this life changing experience.

When Dr. Stoess Allen told me she can correct my open bite with Invisalign I was ecstatic

9 Months with Invisalign
9 Months with Invisalign

9 months with Invisalign

It’s been 9 months and I am extremely happy with the progress so far. My estimated duration of treatment is 20 months. I started my first set of trays in April and my open bite began to close in September! I am 100% sure I would not have been able to obtain these results without Dr. Stoess-Allen’s expertise. Yes, there seems to be is an abundance of teeth aligner clinics on every block in Manhattan now, but her technique is what I needed in addition to the Invisalign. I had a very severe case only a specialist could correct without surgery. For me personally, teeth is something I don’t want to play with. I love to eat way too much to be messing up my teeth with a traumatic surgery experience. HAHA!

In 9 months my open bite is about 90% closed and I can finally bite into food with my front teeth! I’ve never been able to do that! My top row of teeth have straighten out and my facial profile has changed for the better. She recommended that I go to myofunctional therapy and speech therapy. Myofunctional therapy taught me the correct way to swallow and the correct tongue placement so I do not reopen the bite. Speech therapy is an ongoing process that I hope to conquer. So far my lisp is about 70% gone!

Below is a video of how my teeth will change in the next few months.

Overall, I am very satisfied and want to encourage anyone out there dealing with an open bite to consult with Park Avenue Orthodontics: Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen BEFORE doing surgery. The recovery time of surgery is about 6 months to 1 year. In 9 months my bite closed without any surgery needed!

I am very happy with my progress and I love the TRANSFORMATION journey.