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Everything You Should Know About Damon Braces

Posted on February 22, 2022

Damon Braces

With so many orthodontic treatment choices available today, patients may feel overwhelmed when choosing the most suitable course of action to straighten their smile. Treatment time is referred to as a key metric for those just starting their journey to a beautiful smile, and that’s why we offer Damon System Braces in New York

To let you know what the Damon System is and how this revolutionary technology can shorten the average treatment duration.


What Are Damon Braces & How They Work?

When you imagine traditional metal braces, that mental image likely contains a lot of (sometimes colorful) elastic bands or ties. These elastic ties must be regularly tightened or replaced by an orthodontist. In a difference to this method, Damon braces use passive self-ligation to attach themselves, where the actual bracket maintains the wire in place instead of bands/ties or other hardware. These self-ligating brackets apply less pressure on the mouth and get designed to offer quick, more comfortable, and more discreet treatment while demanding fewer dental office visits.


Average Time For Damon Braces Treatment

While there is not a single answer to this question – each patient’s smile will have unique aspects and variables that affect their treatment duration – Damon braces can typically take up to 6 months off treatment time. Traditional treatments can stretch from 9 to 23 months, while Damon braces can achieve incredible results in as little as 5 to 8 months. 

Some of the factors that will affect the average treatment period are the severity of a case, the expertise of the orthodontist, & the patient’s age, oral hygiene, and adherence to day-to-day treatment instructions. Of course, the technology behind your treatment matters also. For a better understanding of how Damon braces can shorten your treatment times, it’s beneficial to compare Damon’s smart technology to that of traditional braces.


Damon Braces Treatment Time Compared To Traditional Braces?

At first glimpse, it may seem absurd that Damon Braces can function faster than traditional braces. After all, the hard-and-fast brackets and wires of traditional braces use more power and pressure and usually need some additional efforts, such as tooth extractions or palatal expansion. 

Meanwhile, Damon braces use more miniature slide brackets connected to lightweight memory wire. These slide brackets are in continuous, gradual motion, tightening the wire over time. This gentler, more realistic approach can better sustain enhanced tooth positioning and facial symmetry while delivering more convenience. And the elegant, small brackets make it more comfortable for patients to brush and floss since the Damon System features fewer parts and pieces where plaque can form. 

Also, Damon braces are somewhat easy to install when compared to traditional braces, and changing the wires is much less unmanageable without the elastic ties. There’s also no requirement to schedule visits to tighten these wires or bands since Damon’s self-ligating technology doesn’t demand that step. It implies you can spend less time at your orthodontist and more time enjoying what you love.


Affordable Orthodontic Treatment With The Damon Experts

Damon braces use the self-ligating smart technology & can make your treatment short. If you think that this is what you were looking for it is the best time to contact us. Book your appointment at our dental office in New York & get straight teeth & a beautiful smile with Damon Braces.