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Invisalign Dos and Don’ts Plus Travel Care Tips

Posted on March 3, 2020

Invisalign aligners help you achieve a perfect smile. These clear trays guide your teeth and improve alignment while protecting your teeth from damage. However, popping in these aligners isn’t all that you need to achieve a perfect smile. Proper Invisalign care and oral hygiene are essential to getting the best results. Following directions and proper guidelines can also help you avoid having to pay for replacements from your orthodontist.

Ideal Invisalign care should leave your aligners clean, odor-free and stain-free. Plus, whether you’re at home or on the move, keeping your smile bright and aligners clear is affordable.

Here are some do’s and don’ts and travel care tips for your Invisalign aligners.

The Dos for Invisalign Care

Always clean and rinse your aligners when you remove them at the end of the day or after meals. Proper cleaning gets rid of plaque, saliva, and food particles, which create a conducive environment for bacteria and foul smell.

If you have to remove your aligners at the end of the day, then you should soak them in part vinegar/water or any other solution recommended by your orthodontist. Soaking prevents your aligners from picking up dust, dirt, and microbes around them.

To maintain good oral hygiene, you should brush and floss your teeth before you insert your Invisalign aligners. Invisalign aligners are form-fitted, and failure to brush and floss can trap food particles between your aligners and teeth.

When you brush your teeth every morning and night it is also important to use your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush the aligners, which can clear bacteria and freshen them. Always brush your aligners gently, avoiding any vigorous brushing that may cause scratches and visible etching that catches stains.

If you’re experiencing your aligners not fitting properly, use chewies, which are plastic-like cylinders that help you to fit your aligners snug to your teeth.

The Don’ts for Invisalign Care

You should avoid eating or drinking with your aligners because drinks and foods can stain and discolor your Invisalign. Food particles may also get trapped and cause bad odor.

Don’t leave your aligners in exposed places during your meals because they may pick up bacteria, dirt, and germs. Also, you increase the risk of losing them. As such, you should rinse and soak them in a clean, sealable container.

Don’t use colored soaps and toothpaste with whitening agents; you can use regular toothpaste. It’s important to avoid toothpaste with whitening agents that are abrasive because they may dull your Invisalign and create scratches that can harbor bacteria.
Then there’s the possibility of losing your luggage and aligners while traveling. After all, it’s possible to leave your aligners in a hotel or restaurant while moving about.

Here are tips on how to handle your Invisalign aligners while out of town.

Invisalign Care Traveling Tips

If you’ll be traveling for a while, we recommend carrying your previous, current, and next set of Invisalign aligners with you. The time that you’ve been wearing the current set may determine when to move to the next or back to the previous. The extra pairs may also come in handy if you lose your current aligners.
It’s not unheard of to lose your baggage while traveling. As such, you should always carry your aligners in carry-on luggage or a purse to avoid losing them.

When you’re not at home, it may be challenging to brush your teeth and aligners after a meal in a restaurant. However, you should at least rinse your mouth and aligners with water after eating.

Invisalign for adults and teens are provided as orthodontic treatment across 45 nations, and they help to treat more than 2.5 million patients. Invisalign aligners can help improve your teeth alignment and smile. After getting a perfect pair of aligners, you’ll need to properly care for them in order to give yourself the best results possible. If you follow our guidelines, your Invisalign aligners will improve your life with no issue! If you’re interested in getting started with Invisalign treatment, call us today to request your free consultation with Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen.