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Invisalign First Multiphased Orthodontic Treatment: A New Way to Treat Younger Patients

Posted on April 26, 2018

Recently Align Technology announced a new Invisalign product designed specifically for younger children. Invisalign clear aligners have proven to be a great alternative to braces as well a very effective treatment option for adults and teens. But now young patients can also be treated with Invisalign’s advanced orthodontic technology!

Invisalign First clear aligners are designed with features specific to younger patients with early mixed dentition, a mixture of primary/baby and permanent teeth. Patients can be treated as early as seven years old.

What conditions does Invisalign First treat?

Align Technology states that these clear aligners “can treat a broad range of malocclusions with special innovations designed for dental arch expansion. As such, Invisalign First clear aligners are applicable for developing arch form and creating space for erupting dentition. They can be used to address conditions such as dental arch development, expansion, spacing/crowding, A-P correction, aesthetic alignment, and tooth protrusions interferences.”

Why launch a new treatment solution designed specifically towards younger patients?

A primary reason for launching this new treatment solution was to provide young patients with a much better experience during their orthodontic treatment. And Invisalign First clear aligners definitely achieve exactly this. “Traditional orthodontic treatments for younger patients may not deliver the positive patient experience that doctors strive to deliver and can be time consuming and disruptive to patient lifestyles. Invisalign First clear aligners give these younger patients the same premium orthodontic experience that teens and adults currently receive with Invisalign clear aligner therapy,” according to Align Technology.

Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen of Park Avenue Orthodontics in New York City strongly believes this new technology provides younger patients with a better alternative to traditional treatment methods, such as the palatal expander.

“Many children need to get started in orthodontic treatment early in life,” notes Stoess-Allen. “Historically the only option for early treatment was a palatal expansion device or other removable appliances along with some traditional braces. With the great advances in technology available in orthodontics today, we are able to avoid braces altogether focusing instead on using excellent Invisalign products.”

Additionally, Stoess-Allen finds Invisalign First an improved treatment option over braces due to the challenges many young patients face to keep their teeth clean when treated with braces.

“Since it is very difficult for children to maintain excellent oral hygiene due to bulky braces and wires, making it difficult to clean their teeth adequately,” Stoess-Allen explains, “the Invisalign First appliances and aligners are preferable.”

Rather than wearing braces, patients treated with Invisalign First wear custom-made aligners. Because these clear aligners are removable, those treated with Invisalign First will not have any difficulty when it comes to keeping up with oral hygiene.

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign First clear aligners and whether it is right for your child, contact an orthodontist such as Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen today!