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Invisalign Teen: Back to School with Confidence

Posted on August 12, 2019

Time flies in the summer! August is already here, and for kids and teens, that means going back to school soon! As they get their smiles ready for the new school year, teens want to make sure they have that confident smile for picture day. But, of course, being a teen is not easy. In a survey commissioned by the makers of Invisalign Teen®, it showed that struggles with appearance add to the angst that teens feel. The results displayed that:

  • An overwhelming majority (96%) of US teens who are not satisfied with their smile are insecure about their appearance.
  • About 30 percent of them are most self-conscious about their teeth.
  • Over 47 percent of those who post selfies on social media think about whether their smile looks good before uploading a picture of themselves.

While teens want that perfect smile, wearing braces during a time in which self-esteem plays such a major role in life can add to the stress of worrying about their appearance. In fact, 92% of teens who haven’t worn braces feel wearing them would impact them negatively and make it difficult for them to fit in.

So how can teens get that perfect smile without wearing metal braces?

At Park Avenue Orthodontics, Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen often treats teen patients using Invisalign Teen. With Invisalign Teen, teens wear a custom-made series of clear aligners worn over the teeth instead of wearing wires and brackets.

“Our orthodontic practice is continuing to do most of our cases on teens using Invisalign Teen,” explains Stoess-Allen.

And how do teens feel about being treated with Invisalign Teen? According to Stoess-Allen, the reaction is very positive. “Nearly 100% of those patients smile with delight when they hear that they can do their second and final phase of treatment with Invisalign Teen,” she says.

On top of a confident, metal-free smile, teens also avoid many issues people face when wearing braces, such as getting food stuck in them, which can be embarrassing for teens. Since the aligners are removable, this problem is completely eliminated with Invisalign Teen.

“Some of the comments we receive back from our Invisalign Teen patients is that because the aligners are clear, most people don’t even know they are wearing anything. They find themselves smiling more easily due to the clear aligners which is important for that age bracket especially. They also comment that when they look at people wearing braces, invariably the person with braces will have some food particles stuck around the braces which is embarrassing and unsightly,” Dr. Stoess-Allen notes.

Now teens can smile brightly and with more confidence. To learn more about Invisalign Teen, contact Park Avenue Orthodontics at (212) 452-2777 and visit our website at