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Mandibular Advancement With Invisalign: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on April 3, 2020

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Overbites are one of the leading reasons that adults, teens and children undergo orthodontic treatment. Approximately 20% of the population doesn’t have an ideal bite. Overbites can cause a wide array of dental issues if left untreated including chewing deficiencies, breathing issues, pain while biting, and damage to other teeth and gums.

The good news is that overbites can be treated using mandibular advancement with Invisalign aligners. But what exactly is mandibular advancement with Invisalign aligners and how does it work?

How Does Mandibular Advancement with Invisalign Work?

Orthodontic corrections are necessary to treat an overbite. This is because the lower jaw needs to be encouraged to grow forward while straightening the teeth.

Mandibular advancement with Invisalign is an FDA-approved clear aligner treatment for overbites. Teens and children are able to have their overbites corrected without wearing any hardware.

The aligners are made with the same BPA-free materials as standard Invisalign, but with the added feature of precision wings made from SmartTrack material. These precision wings are positioned between the first molars and the premolars.

While wearing these special Invisalign aligners, the wings hold the lower jaw (mandible) in a forward (advanced) position while you bite down. This shifts the jaw gradually forward and into its correct place. It also enables the lower jaw to grow to its ideal size to properly match the upper jaw while simultaneously aligning and leveling the teeth.

What are the Benefits of Mandibular Advancement with Invisalign?

Mandibular advancement with Invisalign is not only more cost-effective than traditional overbite appliances, but it’s also more convenient for the wearer. There are no food restrictions because there’s no hardware and the Invisalign can be removed when necessary so patients can brush and floss.

Another benefit to mandibular advancement with Invisalign is that because there are no extra appliances necessary, patients can participate in school sports and play instruments. These Invisalign aligners offer teens and kids the chance to develop their self-confidence by correcting their smiles without impacting their daily lives.

Interested in mandibular advancement with Invisalign for teens or kids? The Upper East Side orthodontic experts at Park Avenue Orthodontics have you covered. For more information on how Invisalign aligners work and how they can help with overbites without any additional hardware, contact Park Avenue Orthodontics today.