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NYC Orthodontists To Help Straighten Your Smile?

Posted on March 4, 2022


With orthodontic treatment in New York, you can say goodbye to your twisted smile. If you do not want people to notice your misaligned teeth anymore- there are options. Our NYC orthodontists can examine your mouth and teeth and give you the adequate care you require. 

Even if you have extreme issues, you have hope.

What Does An Orthodontist offer?

Our NYC orthodontists have years of knowledge and training of the mouth, teeth, and jaw. They are equipped & trained professionals who can diagnose and treat various dysfunctions and affecting conditions. Some of these problems include crossbites, underbites, and overbites. Orthodontic treatment also corrects crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and issues with the patient’s bite. Our NYC orthodontists offer customized care to each patient. And, they will also offer different options to the patient to most effectively manage the condition.

Consequences of Having Crooked Teeth

Living with crooked teeth can have many disadvantages. Cosmetically, individuals with misaligned teeth can have poor self-confidence and an adverse self-image. People with these problems may feel self-conscious, particularly when meeting new people. Crooked teeth can also impact the person’s bite and put extra pressure on the jaw. Teeth can wear down quickly as well.

How Orthodontics Work

By using orthodontic treatment in NYC, a patient’s teeth misalignments can turn into straight beautiful teeth. Traditional metal braces have brackets, wires, and elastics. These exert pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move to their expected place. With constant pressure, the bone sustaining the teeth changes shape.

Getting Them On

Orthodontic care begins with a consultation so contact our NYC orthodontist right away. The orthodontist will examine the patient’s oral health history and discuss ongoing medications or treatments. Next, the orthodontist takes X-rays and creates an impression of the person’s mouth. It allows our orthodontist to design a treatment plan and decide where and how the teeth should move.

Other Parts Of The Treatment

Along with brackets, elastics, and wires, our NYC orthodontist may use other appliances to straighten teeth. Spacers are useful when the patient has an overcrowded mouth. This appliance makes more room for the orthodontist to put bands in the mouth. Sometimes, the patient will have springs connected to the brackets. These can close or open gaps between teeth. The patient may also wear headgear to enhance bite irregularities or create extra space for teeth.

Duration & Frequency

Every patient has diverse needs, so treatments vary from patient to patient. In most cases, the patient can have a straighter smile in as short as one year by wearing traditional metal braces. Other methods like Invisalign clear aligners may do the job in six months. Most patients may not have to wear braces for a long time than two years to rectify misalignment and bite. Patients need to make orthodontic visits every four to six weeks.

Orthodontic Treatment In NYC

If you are tired of uneven teeth getting in your way, consider getting orthodontic treatment at our dental office in New York. Braces can straighten your teeth and help you get a beautiful smile and better oral health. Contact us, & meet our NYC orthodontists today, to get started on your orthodontic treatment.