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Pros and Cons of Invisalign

Posted on June 10, 2022

Invisalign in Manhattan - Park Avenue Orthodontics: Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen

A lot of people have crooked as well as crowded teeth. While fixing a crooked smile is opting for braces, adults these days are opting for alternative options, which are known as the Invisalign. It is an orthodontic treatment where removable clear plastic aligners are used, which are removable and are custom-fitted to your mouth. After every two weeks, the aligners are switched so that the teeth can shift in your mouth. Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular since it has a comfortable fit and an invisible finish. Therefore, if you are planning to get Invisalign, it is important to understand the advantages as well as disadvantages.

Pros of Invisalign

You will come across multiple advantages of Invisalign Manhattan, which is definitely one of the best things that you can do instead of opting for the traditional braces. Here are some of the common advantages that you can expect to get from Invisalign. 

·  Comfort- Invisalign is quite comfortable to wear compared to metal braces since it does not need wires or brackets. On top of that, metal braces can lead to cuts in your mouth. Invisalign compared to that is made of smooth materials, which won’t irritate your mouth.

·  Appearance- One of the biggest advantages of choosing an Invisalign is the discrete appearance. Invisalign is clear and even if you wear them, no one will be able to. Tell you that you are wearing them. Thus, you can feel free to smile without even feeling self-conscious regarding your looks. This is one of the biggest advantages that you can expect to get from Invisalign.

·  Easy to Maintain- Even though aligners tend to get dingy with time, you can easily clean them with a toothbrush as well as a cleaner. Since they are easy to maintain, people these days are opting for the Invisalign.

·  Easy to Remove- It is probably one of the best things about the Invisalign aligners. You can easily remove them, which means patients don’t have to worry about food particles getting stuck in your aligner. All you have to do is take out your aligner before you are consuming your food. Once you are done, you can insert them back. Similarly, when you are brushing or flossing, you have to take off your Invisalign.

Cons of Invisalign

Just like advantages, there are multiple disadvantages that you can get from the Invisalign treatment. Here are a few disadvantages that you can expect to get from Invisalign.

·  Cost- Unlike the braces, Invisalign is quite expensive and dental insurance often doesn’t cover it. Thus, you will have to pay $3500 to $8000 for it. Therefore, if your budget is less, you might have to think about another option.

·  Various Attachments- Attachments along with Invisalign are becoming common. These are enamel ridges that remain stuck to your teeth and look similar to the traditional braces. An orthodontist in Manhattan will be placing the attachments for securing the aligners. As a result, your teeth will shift more effectively to the correct position.

·  True Commitment- Although the Invisalign is removable, you have to be committed to wearing them. The reason behind the problematic cases of Invisalign is you have to wear them for at least 22 hours so that the treatment turns out to be successful.

Invisalign in Manhattan

Invisalign is increasingly becoming popular amongst people since it can effectively straighten your teeth without any hassle. Contact us, an orthodontist near me for more details.