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How To Reduce Anxiety About Braces in Children?

Posted on January 7, 2023

tips to reduce braces anxiety in children

Anxiety about braces is a common experience for many children. Braces can be uncomfortable and require extra care, making some kids feel uneasy. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce anxiety about braces and help your child feel more comfortable with the process. In this article, we’ll explore how to reduce anxiety about braces in children.

Braces are an important part of orthodontic treatment, but they can also cause discomfort and anxiety in children who need them. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the process easier for both you and your child. This guide will provide five simple tips that will help reduce anxiety about braces in children.

Communicate Openly

The first key to reducing anxiety about braces is open communication. Talk to your child about their feelings, and explain why braces are necessary for their long-term oral health. It’s also important to discuss any potential discomfort associated with the process, as well as what kind of treatment is recommended by the orthodontist.

Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to set realistic goals when it comes to braces. Don’t promise your child that their braces will be completely pain-free or that they’ll have perfectly straight teeth overnight. Braces can take a while before they start producing results, so make sure you both understand this fact before beginning treatment.

Choose the Right Orthodontist

Finding the right orthodontist is essential for reducing anxiety about braces in children. Look for an experienced provider who specializes in pediatric cases and is friendly and patient with their patients. It’s also important to research what kind of procedure they use, as well as any additional services they offer that could make the process easier on your child.

Make Braces Fun

Making braces fun can help reduce stress and anxiety surrounding treatment. Consider getting creative accessories like colored bands or unique headgear that can make wearing braces more enjoyable for your child. You could also try playing games with them while they’re wearing their braces, or taking them out for special treats after each appointment.

Monitor Progress

Finally, it’s important to monitor your child’s progress throughout the course of their treatment. Keeping track of their braces appointments and any changes that occur over time can help reduce anxiety about braces in children. Make sure to check in with your orthodontist regularly to ensure that everything is going as planned.


Anxiety about braces in children is common, but there are steps you can take to reduce it. Open communication and realistic expectations are key, as is finding the right orthodontist and making the process fun for your child. Finally, make sure to monitor their progress throughout treatment to ensure they’re getting the best possible results.


Q: How long do braces typically take to work?

A: Braces can take anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Q: Are there any special instructions I should follow while my child is wearing braces?

A: Yes! Make sure your child avoids hard and sticky foods that could damage their braces, as well as any sports or activities where they might get hit in the face. Brushing and flossing regularly is also important for maintaining oral health during treatment.

Q: Can I use at-home remedies to reduce anxiety about braces in children?

A: Yes! There are a number of natural techniques you can try such as aromatherapy, exercise, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. It’s also important to make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep and eating a balanced diet to help manage stress levels.