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Things To Know About Dental Retainers

Posted on May 17, 2022


Unfortunately, braces don’t ensure that the results will last forever the same. Teeth tend to move back into their initial position after the forces holding them are removed. Without a retainer, the teeth will go back to their previous misalignment soon after getting braces removed. The tendency for teeth to move fades over time, as they get more set, but this can last for up to 18 months. A retainer helps to maintain the teeth’ alignment and make sure the best enduring results for the look of your smile. It is extremely important to wear your retainer as long as possible for the first 3 to 6 months after getting braces removed, but it will probably require long-term use to stop reversal.

How Long Will I Have To Wear A Retainer

In most cases, you will be instructed to wear your retainer as frequently as possible for the first 3 to 6 months after your braces got removed. After this, it is especially advised that you wear your retainer nightly for the next 1 to 3 years. 3 years after getting your braces removed, you will likely have to restart wearing your retainer about 2 or 3 nights a week to guarantee that your teeth stay in alignment & you make the most out of the orthodontic treatment. 

Types Of Retainers 

There are numerous types of retainers. We will discuss the best solution for maintaining the alignment of your teeth to provide the most sufficient results. There are a few cases, though rare, in which both removable and hard-and-fast retainers will be used in conjunction to deliver the most useful outcome for your teeth. The two major types of retainers are removable and fixed. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each type of retainer and the perfect type for you will greatly depend on your exact condition.

Retainers Are Removable

Removable retainers are the ones that you can pull out and store when they are not being used. This type of retainer is usually much easier to keep clean because you can draw your retainer out when you clean your teeth, the appliance, and whenever you eat. They can let you to more effectively care for your oral health. However, the major drawback to removable retainers is that you must try to remember to wear them as per your orthodontist’s advice. If you you forget frequently or don’t wear it as frequently as you should, a fixed retainer may be the best solution for you. Removable retainers are also easier to lose and harm because they can be taken out of your mouth and misplaced.

Fixed & Firm

A fixed retainer is attached to the teeth the same way as braces. They consist of a thin wire positioned on the behind surface of the teeth. This wire is then connected to the teeth to ensure it stays in position. Fixed retainers are especially useful for keeping the teeth in place, but they can be more challenging to keep clean. We can help you to choose the perfect retainer for you and as per your specific oral situation.

Retainers In New York City

Here at Park Avenue Orthodontics, we are eager to straighten your smile and keep it that way forever. To meet this goal, you will be directed to wear a retainer post your orthodontic treatment in New York City. To know more about the ways to keep your smile straight, connect with us, or book your appointment at our dental office for retainers in New York City today!