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What It Means to Be a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider

Posted on March 24, 2020

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Given how effective and inconspicuous Invisalign aligners are, it’s no wonder that more people are opting for this treatment to straighten and align their teeth. After all, there’s far more flexibility and speed offered as part of this treatment. Our orthodontist offers Invisalign to people who want to make improvements to their smile with a discreet form of treatment.

That said, not all orthodontists are created equal — nor do they all offer Invisalign. In order to treat patients with Invisalign, providers must undergo specialized training and prove competency. Even if an orthodontist does provide Invisalign, it may not be a treatment option that their patients choose very often. For those who regularly have patients who undergo Invisalign treatment, special designations based on experience may come into play. The highest designation a provider can achieve is the “Diamond Plus” distinction.

What is the Diamond Plus Classification?

The Invisalign program essentially evaluates orthodontists based on the amount of experience they have with this treatment method. There are three different tiers of distinction, based on the number of treatments they’ve completed. A Gold provider must complete 25 Invisalign cases within a calendar year, while a Platinum provider is required to complete 60 cases within a calendar year. There’s also a Platinum Elite level, which requires the orthodontist to complete more than 80 cases in a calendar year.

The Diamond level is the most difficult to attain, which is why this distinction is so meaningful. An orthodontist who receives the Diamond classification completes more than 150 cases in a calendar year. Even more impressive are those orthodontists who reach the Diamond Plus level, which requires an orthodontist to complete 200 cases every six months (or 400 cases per year). Only the best orthodontists are typically able to achieve this desirable status, which means that there’s an extremely small percentage of Invisalign providers who can accurately claim to be ranked at the Diamond Plus level.

Why Should You See a Diamond Plus Provider?

Diamond Plus providers are seen as the most experienced in the field. You can feel confident that you’re receiving treatment from one of the best orthodontists available when your provider has this designation. Given how much experience these providers have, it’s no wonder they’re considered leaders in the industry. Dr. Stoess-Allen, at Park Avenue Orthodontics, is a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider.

This isn’t to say that orthodontists who don’t have this distinction shouldn’t be trusted. There are many reputable providers who haven’t yet worked up to these higher tiers. Orthodontists who have smaller practices may not have the ability to complete 400 cases in one year, for example. Others may be more inclined to serve patients who want to pursue other corrective options.

Having so much Invisalign experience, however, means that Diamond Plus providers will have the knowledge and the proven results to ensure your smile will look its best in a relatively short treatment time. Park Avenue Orthodontics recently earned this esteemed classification, making us part of the elite group of providers recognized by Invisalign for our expertise. For more information on how we can address your dental needs and concerns, please contact us to schedule a free consultation today.